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April 2021,

The new work is well underway for large fixed wing UAV aircraft now. New CNC aluminum moulds have started arriving and development work on composite body moulds underway. Exciting times ahead making 5m wingspan "Ultimate " construction 3 piece wings, large tails and full carbon integrated bodies.

By end of 2021 we expect to be producing commercial quantity UAV parts for 3 foreign countries, moved to larger premises and employing extra staff.

ISO9001-2015 certification is also progressing to ensure the absolute best quality "certified" aircraft parts can be produced.

Happy days ahead !

2021, Here we go !!

New UAV contracts on board, new Q40 aircraft already finished and flying, new improved ovens for all the "ultimate" construction parts completed. What a great year it's already shaping up to be , happy days !!

What a year 2020 has been, amidst all the interesting problems in the world, Ultimate Composites has grown from strength to strength. We have increased staff levels, new OEM UAV wing and tail production, set new race records with "ultimate" constructed models, and developing many new innovations including rotor blades for autonomous coastal surveillance small helicopters and  composite parts for underground mine autonomous vehicles.

Watch also soon for news of an autonomous fixed wing , under 250g, unbreakable, camera carrying UAV.  Certainly a fun project.


We are also in the process of gaining AS 9001 certification for  quality control aimed at OEM production with interested customers in many locations around the world. For now we are working towards meeting all the required standards to develop our unique system to assure the highest standard of work possible.

We are scaling down the  construction of wings from the "old fashioned" way now where possible ( vacuum bagged sandwich construction is so "last century now" )  slowly  moving everything over to the new "Ultimate Construction" technique. This will see increased performance and weight savings over the previous aircraft.

Stay in touch via our facebook site for updates on new products.

Q40 Proud Bird pylon racer will be first new product for 2021, a refined version of one that already did well in USA.

Sorry we can't share many images or details for the UAV OEM product we are producing, but all are under strict product disclosure agreements for new. But rest assured, if you need light, strong, stiff, durable and affordable wings or any other specialty parts for any projects you have, we are likely to be your best option !




Developed since 2018 is our new "Ultimate Construction" technique.  What you find here is unique and an absolute game changer to the Pylon Racing wing and tail development  as well as for commercial drone construction. Many other avenues are being pursued also where high strength to weight is a priority.


With custom prepared prepreg carbon skins molded at high temperatures in computer controlled ovens and the addition of a molded ( secret ingredient ) core, makes these parts up to 3 times stiffer than old vacuum molded techniques with typically a weight reduction as well. Torsional stiffness on Ailerons and elevators is amazing and gives a very nice feel to the way the model flies. This is the most exciting development I have made since working on painted in mold vacuum bagged parts 30 years ago.

NOTE: All prices are in US$. Australian customers to add 10% for GST.