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Well what a year 2020 is shaping up to be !


So many new projects and different jobs.


Increasing level of work on full size aircraft repair and composite parts.


Ultimate composite construction for 5M wing span drone wings and tails for International major client ( can't give more details due to the non disclosure contract agreement, but it's a major landmark for my business )


New partners working on a team build light aircraft with hybrid electric power, so exciting.


Continued development of Electric powered Q40 models is progressing very well with a lot of international interest.


New F5D props now making a range of 3 to suit different Kv motors.


And of course the New Napier Q40 model finally had it's debut race after delay due to restrictions for the virus issue. Podium finish as well as second fastest race time for its first comp is a happy place to start. Of course the wing and tail on it are with "ultimate" construction as standard. More fine tuning before next race, but sure am happy with the way the engines run in this one, peak on the ground and holds tune constant from ground to finish.

Watch also for an increase in the range of my servos. The 6kg wing servo and mini 7kg servo are both performing very well with sales all over the world now. Larger servos coming next for your large scale, aerobatic, jet or Monster Truck !


Check out whats new for 2019 in the Ultimate Composites page!  What you find here is unique and an absolute game changer to the Pylon Racing airframe development  as well as for commercial drone construction and full size aircraft parts and repairs. 


With custom prepared prepreg carbon skins molded at high temperatures in computer controlled ovens and the addition of a molded ( secret ingredient ) core makes, these parts up to 10 times stiffer than old vacuum molded techniques with typically a weight reduction as well. Torsional stiffness on Ailerons and elevators is amazing and gives a very nice feel to the way the model flies. This is the most exciting development I have made since working on painted in mold vacuum bagged parts 30 years ago.

NOTE: All prices are in US$. Australian customers to add 10% for GST.

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