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The latest and greatest addition to the Q40/F3T fleet added for 2022.

With a rich heratige evolving to this fantastic machine it will be the one to beat for years to come.


Only Premium version being offered at present that includes supplied and installed Italian Paola or Jett engine mount on thick ply firewall for max performance, unique rudder pushrod system supplied for zero rudder flex in flight, wing mounted to fuselage, laster cut servo tray supplied to customers requirement.

Supplied with fitted aluminum landing gear but no wheels ( Jett flat one side BB wheels reccommended )

Can take either Tettra or Jett fuel tanks easily with nice high position so you can lean on that needle !

Custom paint work upon request on negotiated price, but 3 colour basic schemes are included in cost.


Sweet flying and fast !



Q40/F3T Red Baron Mustang P51

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